Put The Ps3 Before Her ;)
I haven’t been on this thing in 2 years. 😮

Being A Good Person Really Feels Good.



lol today was intense ;)

They Dont Get Over You Until You Give Them A Reason To Get Over You.

I Only Want To Be A Good Guy. I Only Want To Show You Love And Support. I Dont Want To Have Sex With You Because I Want To Save It For A More Important Day. I Only Wanna See You Smile. I Only Want To Make You Happy. I Only Want To Be Your Best friend And Your Love. I Only Want To Wake Up To You Beautiful Face And Smile At Your Morning Facial Expressions. I Only Want To Motivate You to Do What’s Right. Cause You Need That Motivation. I’m Not Perfect Your Not Perfect But (Was We’re Will) Be Perfect For Each Other. We both Know That. I Just Want To be There Because When Everyone Leaves I Will Always Still Be The One That Was There. Times Will Get Rough, Things Will Mess Up, People Will Come In The Way, But If You Leave Today What Was The Point Of Yesterday? I’m Not An Asshole I’m Not A Player. I’m Just A Young Man With The Ability To Treat A Girl Correct And Not Play Her. It Sucks To Get Played, It happens to us all.

I’m not the sexiest guy but yet im cute, i dont have the nicest car but i drive an eclipse, im not the smartest guy but im going to college. but no other man has a heart like me(.) and thats what matters.

Sex With You <3 > 

The Best Person For You Is The Person That Makes You Your Best And Makes You A Better Person. Not The Person That Makes Everything The Best Around You.

Hoes Hoes Hoes smdh

<3 Me and you :)